Company Mission

Our mission is to help the client earn as many points per month, and to use them as efficiently as possible. We place a heavy emphasis on always getting the most comfortable seat on the best plane and the nicest suite in the most luxurious hotel.

We are a one stop contact for all of your travel needs including air, car and hotel. Our connections within the industry allow for an additional layer of security if any special circumstances arrive during travel, and upgrades to top level suites when available

Company Overview

BJC VIP Services, LLC manages a private and exclusive group of high spend credit cardholders. Advising only top clients with minimum annual spending in the many millions of dollars, BJC has created an exclusive network and established numerous partnerships, providing its clients with unparalleled access to a wide array of travel rewards and exclusive status opportunities. BJC’s services include assisting clients in transitioning their primary payment methods from checks to credit cards and applying for and obtaining appropriate credit lines tailored to the clients‘ needs.

BJC also provides its clients a monthly comprehensive analysis of their spending and directs clients to the credit card most efficiently tailored to their needs. In addition, BJC specializes in rewards points redemption; relying on a firmly established network of long-term partnerships to maximize redemption value.

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